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Summer Camp
5 week Program 


For Young Adventurers

NBSA is committed to fostering sustainability education for young minds aged 13 to 17 years. Our innovative programs are designed to provide nature-based experiential learning, empowering youth to connect with the environment and cultivate a sense of responsibility towards the planet.

Here's How We Stand Out:

1. Nature-Based Experiential Learning:
Immerse yourself in our programs that revolve around hands-on, nature-based learning experiences, encouraging a deeper understanding of sustainability and caring for our planet.

2. Explore the Ocean:

Join us in our mission to support the Coral Reef restoration and Dolphin Conservation

3. Get Creative:

Using your imagination design and create functional art using recycled plastic, or be part of our performing arts club, creating positive messages through dance and personal expression. 

4. Get Techy':

Get hands on experience in creating digital stories and enriching content for your own personal portfolio.

5. Green Learning Spaces:
Experience learning without walls in our lush, green surroundings, fostering an inspiring and refreshing learning environment. Our camp facility is constructed primarily from bamboo and other natural materials, creating a harmonious blend with the environment. 

6. Explore and fully immersive yourselves in the Balinese Culture.

Embracing life in our cherished community of Lovina offers boundless adventures and a profound opportunity to give back to Mother Nature.

Embark on a meaningful journey with our youth programs, dedicated to Coral Reef and Dolphin Conservation in the breathtaking destination of Bali. Dive into the waters of the world-renowned island, and witness the majestic beauty of dolphins in their natural habitat. Join us in preserving these precious marine ecosystems while experiencing the rich culture and stunning landscapes of Bali. Make a difference and create unforgettable memories with us.

Spinner Dolphins

Just one of our amazing summer camps programs

Coral Reef and Dolphin Conservation

Summer Camp Passion Projects

Passon rojects

Time Line: 5 Weeks Available

Our Guarantee of standards:

  • Qualified Educators

  • Health & and safety trained staff

  • Safeguarding policies in place

  • 24-hrs onsite security

  • CCTV Camera's access to parents

Welcome to our summer camps, open to spirited youths seeking adventure and growth. Bookings are available for a minimum of 1 week up to a maximum of 5 weeks. Join us for an unforgettable experience filled with learning, fun, and personal development. Secure your spot now for a transformative journey!

Our fully inclusive youth programs start from 850.00 USD per week minimum booking period 2 weeks

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July 25th 2024

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August 30th 2024

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