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NBSA stands at the forefront of educational innovation, offering a dynamic curriculum encompassing seven creative subjects. Students immerse themselves in the realms of Artificial Intelligence, Digital Marketing, Fashion Design & Textiles, Coding & Programming, Virtual Reality, Performing Arts, and Fine Art. This unique blend not only cultivates technical expertise but also nurtures artistic expression, fostering a holistic learning experience. At NBSA, we believe in empowering students with a diverse skill set, preparing them for a future where creativity and technology coalesce seamlessly. Our commitment to these dynamic subjects reflects our dedication to shaping well-rounded and future-ready individuals.

7 Courses to choose from

Full time
learning on the NBSA campus.

Accommodation offered)

Achieve a Diploma and move in to the workplace

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Virtual Reality

Thriving in Virtual Reality, our program empowers students to design and code within the immersive landscape of the virtual world.

Extra Curricular Passion Projects

Coral Reef Restoration and Dolphin Conservation

Embark on a meaningful journey with NBSA passion projects, This project is dedicated to Coral Reef and Dolphin Conservation in the breathtaking destination of Bali.

Dive into the waters of the world-renowned island, and witness the majestic beauty of dolphins in their natural habitat.



Nurture the soul and give back to the environment

No diving experience required. All students are guided by our certified Dive Master.

Film and Photography

Unleash your creativity through film and photography in our youth program. Capture stories, explore techniques, and develop your artistic vision in a supportive and inspiring environment.


Budding Artist

in Creative Media

Explore the realms of film and photography, selecting poignant subjects to convey compelling narratives and evoke profound emotions through visual storytelling.

Young Artist

Embark on a journey of self-expression and creativity through the study of fine art, where personal passions are transformed into tangible masterpieces, fostering artistic growth and individuality.

Painter in Studio

Emerging Artisan in Multimedia

Ignite passion by showcasing your artistic creations, turning personal expressions into exhibitions that resonate and captivate audiences, fueling inspiration.

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