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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

 Where Vision Meets Education!

At NBSA we are not just a team; we are a collective of forward-thinking individuals deeply immersed in the dynamic realm of education. Our passion drives us to explore the intersection of art, performing arts, technology, and culture, creating a unique space where innovation and learning converge.

 Passionate Advocates of Art and Culture Art is more than what we teach; it's the heart of our educational philosophy. We believe in nurturing creativity, fostering artistic expression, and instilling a deep appreciation for culture in every learner.

Embracing the Future with Technology In the ever-evolving landscape of education, we are at the forefront, seamlessly integrating technology with our educational approach. We harness the power of innovation to empower learners and educators alike.

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Our Story

Dr. Andrea Carroll's Bali journey birthed the North Bali School of the Arts (NBSA), a haven for neurodivergent and unconventional thinkers. NBSA, guided by the belief in intellect beyond academics, stands as Andrea's vision for a space where creativity defines true intelligence.

Co-founder Mark Stoddart, a renowned sculptor, passionately supports this vision. With his backing, NBSA proudly resides in North Bali, beckoning learners to explore their creativity. NBSA's narrative intertwines dedicated educators, eager learners, and a boundary-free educational future. Join us in shaping this dynamic story. Welcome to NBSA, where our narrative unfolds as a canvas of endless educational possibilities.

Meet The Team

Our Partners

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The Art of Teaching

5 key Principles Of Learning

Happiness. Creativity. Critical Thinking. Self Development. Wellbeing 

At NBSA we have carefully crafted a transformative curriculum that reflects our dedication to nurturing a diverse blend of students, ideas, and creativity. Our campus is not just a place of education, it's a vibrant community where every individual can find their unique voice and make a significant impact in today's society.


Our curriculum is deeply rooted in the Humanistic Learning Theory, which places a strong emphasis on the freedom and autonomy of learners. We believe that enabling our students to learn in an environment that supports their unique needs and aspirations is fundamental to their growth and success.


The ultimate goal of our curriculum is to establish a direct link between learning and essential aspects of personal growth - self-development, critical thinking, creativity, wellbeing and happiness.


By fostering an intimate creative environment, we provide a platform where students can not only acquire knowledge but also cultivate the skills and mindset necessary for social mobility and success in a world that demands adaptability and innovation. At NBSA we are committed to empowering our students to navigate their unique paths towards a fulfilling and impactful future.


Mission and Vision


Making the arts, creative design, digital tech and performing arts accessible and inclusive for neurodivergent and neurotypical students. Connecting creativity to technology to industry. Creating a community of learners who express their individuality via our 5 key learning principles: Happiness, Wellbeing, Creativity, Self Development and Critical Thinking.


To revolutionize the education landscape in Indonesia. To bring forth a visionary approach that harmonises the world of art and technology. Bringing together cutting-edge tech expertise and real world work readiness programs.

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Our Amazing Environment

Discover the extraordinary learning experience at NBSA, a school crafted with sustainable bamboo and recycled materials. Embrace an eco-friendly and carbon-neutral environment, fostering creativity and consciousness. Immerse yourself in a space that not only shapes minds but also nurtures a sustainable and harmonious connection with the environment. Welcome to transformative education at its greenest.

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At NBSA Art School, we embrace neurodiversity by understanding that neurodivergent individuals may perceive and process the world differently. Rather than focusing solely on deficits, our paradigm and teaching methods champion a strength-based perspective regarding these conditions, valuing the unique abilities and talents of each individual while still acknowledging and addressing individual challenges.

While not all our students are neurodivergent, we ensure that our educators are equipped with the necessary knowledge and training to support diverse learning styles and needs. Our educators undergo training to UK standards in inclusive education, enabling them to create a supportive classroom environment that encourages every student to flourish based on their natural creative talents. We believe in teaching in a way that aligns with how our students learn, fostering an inclusive and nurturing educational experience for all.

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We are a great vocational school for students who want to have a fabulous career in the world of arts, creative design, digital tech and performing arts.


We deliver interdisciplinary teaching and accredited programs in the field of AI, Digital Marketing, VR, Coding and Programming, Performing Arts, Fashion and Textile Design and Fine Art.


Students will gain valuable skills, experience and confidence in their chosen field which will help them progress into worthwhile careers and thrive in the high-tech and creative marketplace.


All of our programs are taught in a way that suits how they think, whether they are neurodivergent or neurotypical.

In addition to the two-year on-campus program, students can take an optional third year which involves an apprenticeship program with superb industry partners across many sectors. This hugely enhances their ability to secure future employment.


We pride ourselves on nurturing all students and putting their welfare and well-being at the heart of all we do.


We are the only vocational school in Bali that focuses on arts, creative design, digital tech and performing arts.

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